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Account Features




Web Space





more as required

Price [Monthly]



Price [Yearly] cash, direct deposit, cheque, money order, etc


NZ$148.00 (+GST)

Setup Fee




Control Panel (Cpanel)

file:///F:/My Documents/My Webs/1dollarhosting/web_okey.gif

Fantastico (preinstalled scripts)

16/7 Help/Support you will be given a emergency Phone number, I find it works quicker than a ticketing system.

99,5% server uptime (more like 100% but NZ consumers act etc has to be complied with)

30 day money back guarantee

Domain & FTP Features

Domain allowed






FTP accounts



Email Features                                                        

POP3 Email Accounts



SMTP support

IMAP accounts

Web Based E-mail

Mailing List

E-mail Autoresponder

E-mail Filtering

E-mail Forwarder

Spam Assassin

Supported Features

SSH Access

Daily Back Up option (personally I never use it as I keep a copy of my sites on my Computer anyway)

MYSQL Database




PHP 4.3.10

SSI (server side include)

Perl / Cgi-bin

Frontpage Extension

Private Cron Job

Password Protection

.htaccess override

File Manager

Flash Support

Custom Error Page

Web-Site Stats

Multi Language Cpanel


Standard Website Hosting Acceptable use Policy
* Customers are prohibited from engaging in improper use or distribution of email.
* Sending  "spam" for any purpose whatsoever.
or anything else that recipients of may fined offensive eg "pornographic material"

*These services are only to be used for lawful purposes. Customers may not transmit, retransmit or store material in violation of any  laws or regulations, including, but not limited to, obscenity, indecency, defamation or material infringing trademarks or copyrights. customers may not abuse or fraudulently use  products and services, nor allow nor permit such use by others.

* Customers  are expected configure their systems in a secure manner. Should a user's system be exploited by unauthorized persons, the user is responsible for both reporting the violation (where applicable), as well as fixing the exploited system.

* Customers may not interfere with services "e.g. a DoS Attack", whether intentionally or through neglect, of any other host, or network.

* The prevention of "unintentional attacks", such as infection by and propagation of computer viruses, are the responsibility of every user.

* Users are prohibited from injecting, intentionally or negligently, false or unauthorized network control data into this network (i.e. in the form of incorrect routing or DNS information). Any conduct which is inconsistent with generally accepted norms and expectations of the Internet community (whether or not detailed in this policy). We reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to make a determination whether any particular conduct violates such norms and expectations.

1 dollar hosting may immediately suspend or terminate the service of a customer as a result of the violation of any part of this policy through verbal or written notice, which may be provided through email or voicemail. Generally, as with all hosting services 1 dollar hosting reserves the right to suspend or terminate service based on any violation.

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